Bringing Design to Education: IDC Talks

by | Saturday, February 25, 2023

I was recently invited to speak at a series organized by alumni of the IDC School of Design, IIT Powai. As an alum of the same institution it was a great honor to be invited. You can see the entire series here (and I must say there are some awesome speakers there). My talk, #64 in the series, was titled: Bringing Design into Educational Spaces. The video of the talk and the discussion that followed is embedded below.

A couple of points to note. First, I was thrilled that my former teacher, Professor Kirti Trivedi (KT) was in the audience. KT has been a huge influence on me and I had a couple of slides speaking to this —not knowing that KT would be there listening. It was great to have this opportunity to publicly and personally thank him for his contribution to my thinking and growth.

Second, it was also great to have many of my batch-mates and friends from back in the day join in. We had over 60 people in the audience, many of whom I did not know, so it was great to convey my thoughts and to connect with them as well.

Finally, I should add that this talk is a more up-to-date and modified version to a Keynote I had given at IDC back in January of 2020 titled: My journey through design (more at the link).

My thanks to my friend and product design batch-mate Raj Gopal Menon for the invitation and for all those involved in organizing this talk.

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