Creative uses of ChatGPT for Education: A conversation with Ethan Mollick

by | Monday, June 12, 2023

Ethan Mollick is a professor at the Wharton School of Business and studies and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship. He also leads Wharton Interactive, an effort to democratize education through games and simulations. He is also one of the most innovative users of AI based technology in teaching and learning. His substack, One useful thing has quickly become one of the go-to places on the web to learn about the possibilities of these AI based tools, and their role in education. It was no surprise, thus, that we were super excited to have a chance to speak with him, about his ideas and explorations. Our conversation with Dr. Mollick was engaging, fun, and enriching, given the breadth of his knowledge and genuine passion for ideas. The conversation was a window into a creative mind, someone who had glimpsed the potential of these new technologies for education and was committed to tinkering and exploring these possibilities.

This conversation led to two different “products.” The first, was an article in our ongoing column series on Rethinking Technology & Creativity in Education for the journal TechTrends, with a special focus on AI. This follows our first article in this mini-series, a conversation with Chris Dede from Harvard University. In addition, we took the conversation with Ethan Mollick and made it an episode of the Learning Futures podcast (a show I co-host with Sean Leahy).

You can listen to the podcast episode right here (or on any of our favorite podcasting platforms).

Citation and link to the final article given below

Henriksen, D., Woo, L. & Mishra, P. (2023). Creative Uses of ChatGPT for Education: a Conversation with Ethan Mollick. TechTrends. DOI:

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