Over the past couple of years my research team (the Deep-Play Research group) and I have been writing an on-going series of articles  about rethinking technology and creativity for the 21st century. Published in the journal TechTrends, these articles have been great fun to write, providing us the freedom to think deeply about these issues and, most importantly, put our ideas in words, and share them with the wider world. The last few have focused on transdisciplinary habits of mind that are essential for creativity. Our previous articles have looked at PerceivingPatterning, Abstracting, Modeling and Play. 

The next two articles (listed below) have focused on Synthesis. These two articles are co-authored with different colleagues, but manage to provide complementary visions of the idea. Here are the two latest articles (a complete list can be found here):

  1. Henrkisen, D., DeSchryver, M., Mishra, P. & the Deep-Play Research Group (in press). Transform and transcend: Synthesis as a trans-disciplinary approach to thinking and learningTech Trends (59)4.
  2. Lee, J., Hicks, D., Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P. (2015). Historical soundscapes for creative synthesis. Tech Trends (59)5. 4-8.