I have been invited to participate in the 2014 Educational Technology Summit: Empowering Educators to Enhance Student Learning in the Digital Era. This conference is being organized by Common Sense MediaAnnenberg Retreat at Sunnylands, & the LEAD Commission. I am serving on a panel on preparing new teachers, moderated by Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post. Other members on the panel are Daniel Soodjinda, Ed.D., from the California State University Stanislaus, and Deborah Stipek, dean, Stanford Graduate School of Education. It is going to be a packed and exciting day (see the schedule for yourself and if you are so inclined, you can actually watch the proceedings streamed live).


On this page I just wanted to list some resources that I think will come up during our discussion (that’s me being proactive, you see). 


21st Century Learning

  • In 2013 we published a review and synthesis of 15 21st Century Learning frameworks. The paper can be found here, a diagram that represents our findings can be found here.
  • The recurring cycle of hype and despair around ed tech in a blog post.

What is TPACK? And how can I learn more about it?

TPACK (or Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) is a framework for teacher knowledge introduced by Mishra & Koehler in 2006. It has been widely cited (over 2400 citations in Google Scholar) and has been described as being “the most significant advancement in the area of technology integration in the past 25 years.” There are lots of resources to learn about TPACK. Here are some:

Developing TPACK? What are the ways? 


What are you working on now?

Glad you asked. My current research and scholarly focus is on approaches to enhancing creativity in teaching and learning and the role that technology can play in that process. Lots of fascinating work currently underway – and quite a bit published as well. This page has a good snapshot of what is currently underway with links to articles related to rethinking technology, creativity and learning in the 21st century.