The recent events in Mumbai have thrown a pall over the Thanksgiving break. That said, this is a moment to celebrate friends and family. Let us spare a moment for all the innocent victims and their friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This image, above, captures for me the spirit of Thanksgiving. What is funny is that I don’t look like these people. I had never tasted turkey before coming to the US. Thanksgiving at our house may or may not have a turkey – but it will surely have some spicy curries.

Even more complicated is the fact that, even in the US, this image could be regarded as being a myth – a feel-good vision of a past that may never really have existed. But as Picasso said, art is the lie that reveals the truth (or something to that effect, I am too lazy to google the actual quote). There is something in this painting, actually something in many of Normal Rockwell’s paintings, that touches me – deeply. I am not sure what it is – but I can’t deny its effect on me.

[See more of his art here]