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by | Thursday, August 07, 2014

A search on YouTube reveals a wide range of videos related to TPACK. Most of them are serious descriptions of the framework (heck, I have created a few of those myself).  But there is a smaller genre of TPACK videos that don’t necessarily seek to explain the construct. They are just good fun.There are songs and skits and things in between. Here are a few that I managed to find. Most of these were created by students in the Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) program.One of the oldest ones, created by students in the MAET program is titled The TPACK nightmare. This video depicts what happens when you read too many TPACK related articles.

The next is a music video titled The Sweet Spot (TPACK Anthem).

Then are a couple of skits. The first builds on SNL’s famous Cowbell skit with Christopher Walken. (Watch the original skit here). Except in this version the request for “more cowbell” is replaced by “more TPACK!” You can find the skit in the video below (scroll over to around the 18 minute mark).

Here is a somewhat surreal one, titled (and the title says it all) TPACK sprach Zarathustra

Another parody of a skit (this time of the Tight Pants skit by Jimmy Fallon and Will Farrell) can be found here. Guess what “tight pants” has been replaced by? Here is Everybody’s talking about my tight pants TPACK

Finally if you think TPACK is something you can joke around with, the next video will fix that misconception. John Lee of NCState and Todd Zakrajsek of UNC Chapel-Hill and I made this video at a Microsoft meeting in Seattle a couple of years ago. Check out Don’t mess with TPACK

And now a couple from Australia… don’t even know how to describe them so will let them just speak for themselves.

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