A couple of images… (for the heck of it)

Here are two images I created recently…

August is the 8th month, so here is a little design to celebrate that fact!


I had no particular reason to create this… but then again why let that get in the way of doing something… anything!

The next is an image based on a quote by Albert Camus, from his book/essay The myth of Sisyphus. 

Spencer Greenhalgh and I had a discussion recently (as part of our informal lunch-time book club) and this quote came up. I remembered reading this quote a few months ago and it resonating with me, deeply. So deeply, that I just HAD to go ahead and create an poster for it. So here it is (thanks to modern_carpentry on Flickr for the original image). As I said in my facebook post “This maybe is my most favorite quote of all time. There is just so much meaning packed into this one sentence… deeply pessimistic, realistic and yet hopeful. A manifesto for life.” Hope you like it. 


Maybe there is a reason why I created that “au8ust” image above… creating stuff like that is what, I imagine, makes me happy.

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