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by | Saturday, February 16, 2013

My friend Carl Young of NCState recently released an edited volume (co-editor, Sara Kajder a the University of Pittsburgh) titled Research on Technology in English Education. It is a volume in the series: Research Methods for Educational Technology, edited by Walt Heinecke, University of Virginia.

Just as an aside, I edited a book in this series as well (with Matt Koehler & Yong Zhao) many years ago. You can find out more about our book Faculty development by design: Integrating technology in higher education by going here

Coming back to Carl and Kajder’s book… the description and table of contents is given below:

This book brings together the voices of leading English Education researchers who work to offer views into the changing landscape of English as a result of the use of digital media in classrooms, out of school settings, universities and other contexts in which readers and writers work. But, as in most useful texts, the purpose is more nuanced and far reaching than simply offering a glimpse into where we currently find ourselves as a field. In sum, the collection brings together and interweaves what we are coming to know and understand about teaching English within a shifting digital landscape as well as the implications for teacher education and the discipline of English Education specifically.

The intended audience for this particular book is English educators, doctoral candidates in the field of English education, researchers and scholars in the field, and English language arts teachers – especially those interested in the impact digital technologies can have in our field.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Carl A. Young and Sara Kajder.
    • Developing Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Through English Teacher Research and a Pedagogy of Multiliteracies, Troy Hicks.
    • Scaffolding the TPACK Framework in Reading and Language Arts: New Literacies, New Minds, Hiller Spires, Lisa Hervey, and Tanya Watson.
    • Placing Technologies in Preservice English Teacher Reflection: Connecting Reflective Practice and TPACK, Melanie Shoffner.
    • TPACK and New Literacies of Online Reading Comprehension: Preparing Today’s Teachers for Tomorrow’s Readers, J. Gregory McVerry.
    • Learning Synchronous Chat Technology by Design in the High School English Classroom, Susan Groenke and Michelle Grothaus.
    • Virtual Worlds for Literary Study: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in The Village of Umuofia and Other Literary Worlds, Allen Webb.
    • TPACK Perspective on Learning to Engage in Dialogic Argument Through Participation in Online Role-Play in the English Classroom, Richard Beach and Candance Doerr-Stevens.
    • Negotiating the Privilege of Print With the Affordances of Digital Video Authoring, Jamie Myers.
    • Teacher Knowledge-in-Action: Enacting Multimodal Literacy Pedagogy for DV Composing, Suzanne Miller, Keith Hughes, and Merridy Knips.
    • Blogversing With Fifth Graders: The Intersection of Blogging, Conversations, and Writing, Ewa McGrail and Anne Davis.
    • Repurposing Social Networking Tools for the Classroom: An Examination of Twitter’s Potential for Enhancing ELA Content Knowledge, Carl A. Young and Naomi Kraut.

About the Authors.

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