Square Peg, Round Hole, Good Engineering (new article on creativity & learning)

by | Friday, February 22, 2013

Our latest article on the series Technology, Creativity & 21st Century Learning  is now available (link and the complete reference given below).

Co-authored with Colin Terry, Dr. Danah Henriksen, and the Deep-Play Research group, this focuses on creativity in the field of engineering and design through brief case studies of Nicolai Tesla and Steve Jobs. We argue that

Creativity in engineering cannot happen without deep knowledge of mathematics, engineering or other technical fields. But the important point for us as educators is to understand that technical skills and knowledge while necessary are not sufficient, in and of themselves, to engender creative solutions…. Engineering and problem solving for such skilled and successful thinkers most notably comes from a wider matrix of imagination, abilities, skills, and curiosities or cultivated interests in other disciplines.

Here is a link to the full article

Mishra, P., Terry, C., Henriksen, D. & the Deep-Play Research Group (2013). Square Peg, Round Hole, Good EngineeringTech Trends, (57) 2. p. 22-25.

This article continues the series of papers that the group has been writing. Here is a complete list

  1. Creativity, TPACK & Trans-disciplinary learning for the 21st century  (With Mishra, Koehler, & Henriksen)
  2. Crayons are the future  (Mishra)
  3. On being (in)disciplined  (Mishra, Fahnoe & Henriksen).
  4. Creativity, self-directed learning, and the architecture of technology rich environments. (Mishra, Terry, Henriksen)

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