I recently received an email with the following request:

I am an engineer living in Turkey and I am going to have my second son hopefully in April and I would love to have their names as a tattoo. However having such a special work that will remain with me for my whole life should be art. Therefore I was thinking if you could perform a symbiotogram of my sons names for me (Demir and Mert).

I love creating ambigrams but haven’t done so in a while… but a challenge is a challenge and over the break I took a stab at the task. As I said in my reply back:

Given my schedule and work it is difficult for me to devote any significant time to ambigrams … I did play around a bit and I think creating a ambigram that reads Demir one way and Mert the other is going to be difficult. What I have is a quick sketch of an individual ambigram for each of the words… As you will see this is no way finalized (being just a sketch). If you want to take to a graphic designer who can retrace it on the computer and clean it up – please feel free to do so. I just don’t have the the time to do that.

So here are the two ambigrams I created. Technically this is not a symbiotogram (that would be if the design read Mert one way and Demir the other). In this solution Mert transforms to Mert and Demir to Demir.  Enjoy


And as long as we are on the topic of ambigrams here is another one that I had created back in summer for the Great12 conference organized by the Year 2 cohort of our MAET program.

Quick and dirty logo for Great 12 Conference