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by | Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Innovation & Technology Committee of the AACTE organized a symposium titled: Digital-Age Learners in a Socially Networked World at the Annual meeting at Chicago.

As co-chair of the committee I had the privilege of introducing the session and the individual speakers. This was the most well organized symposium I have ever been a part of – and all credit goes to the presenters. They had sent me their presentations days before the session, giving me enough time to create one big Keynote file with all the presentations in sequence. This made the process of switching from speaker to speaker seamless and since everybody kept to their allocated 10 minutes (with Alyssa Mangino keeping everybody on track) everything went off smoothly, with no technical glitches. Add to it an overflowing and attentive audience with some good QnA at the end, and I think one can say that we had a great session.

You can download a PDF of the presentations in one large file (approximately 12 MB). Below are details of each of the presentations with contact information for each of the presenters:

1. Joe Freidhoff (Michigan Virtual University)
They’re not all the same: Variations in pre-service teachers use of digital technologies

2. Michael Berson (University of South Florida)
Civic action and the voices of youth: An examination of digital networking technologies

3. Lisa Martinico & Jordy Whitmer (Birmingham School District)
Igniting learning using social technology in an elementary school

4. Leigh Wolf, Mike Deschryver, Matthew J. Koehler & Punya Mishra, (Michigan State University)
Social Technologies in undergraduate and graduate teacher education

5. Colleen Kennedy (University of South Florida)
iTunes U: Students and their teachers go mobile! [Also accessible on iTunes U]

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