During Dr. Jalaluddin’s keynote I took some time to search online for some reports, prompted by what he had been saying. (Yes I was listening not just browsing).

The first is an European study: ICT in Schools: Trends, Innovations and Issues in 2006-2007. You can download a pdf version from this link above. There is nothing really new here – at least nothing stood out during my quick skim.

More troublesome were what I found when I was searching the NCERT’s 2005 National Curriculum Framework. The sections on technology are strongly techno-centric. The first one for instance still speaks about HTML tags!! Check out:

Syllabus for Additional Courses for Higher Secondary Classes: THE COMPUTER AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (CCT)

IT Curriculum and Syllabus for School Education

Sitting next to me was Babitha and she works for QuickSand, is a multi-disciplinary, design-led business consultancy that helps organizations from diverse contexts make better sense of their innovation efforts.