Day 2 Morning session, Mishra & Light

by | Thursday, August 21, 2008

I just completed my presentation Education Technology and Teacher Education, the TPACK framework. I think it went well, though you have to talk to ask the audience what they “really” think.

I had been allocated 60 minutes for my talk – but Radha and I discussed cutting the time down mainly to make sure that we would have enough time for Q&A (and also not delay everything that follows). I did manage to complete my talk in 50 minutes – which was not bad. I wish I had given more time to talking about and describing how we have been designing and implementing professional development programs for TPACK. Well, maybe I can cover some of this stuff in my workshop tomorrow – though I am not sure how many people have signed up.

Dr. Mohan Menon was the discussant for my session and after his comments we had an open Q&A. I must say I was quite impressed by the questions that came up. I have been doing this TPACK jig for a while now and had thought that I had heard pretty much all of the standard questions that people tend to ask – but I was in for a surprise. I got deep and thoughtful questions that pushed me to think hard about the framework and its implications.

Here is a pdf version of the presentation [NOTE, it is a 6+ Mb download].

I should add that I dedicated this talk to the memory of R. K. Joshi (see here). I think it was important for me to do this during my first talk in India after RK’s passing away. [I had dedicated the AACTE talk to RK – but that was in New Orleans, and didn’t really count.]

This session was followed by Daniel Light Senior Scientist, EDC’s Center for Children and Technology speaking about Educational Technology and Evaluation.. His website (linked above from his name) has links to lots of his publications and presentations – check it out). I apologize for not providing a better description of his session. First, I just completed my session and am somewhat brain-dead. Second, I spent the time after Daniel started speaking in updating this blog – a rather self-defeating approach, since I have less to write in this entry šŸ™

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