A few years ago, as a part of our PT3 project Matt Koehler, Ken Dirkin and I video taped a series of teacher interviews around authentic problem solving in teaching using technology. The teachers were winners of the TAPS (Technology in Authentic Problem Solving) award, an award given by MACUL and MSU. Over the past few months Ken has been working on creating a website to make these videos more accessible.

The videos all come in pairs, with a problem statement and a solution statement. Each pair of videos addresses a real world problem that teachers face in different areas and how the teachers have solved their hurdle using technology. Ken has developed a really cool site for this.

As he describes it:

The site contains a list of video resources that have been tagged, each with a description and title. On the front page you’ll notice a list of popular tags as an entry point. The tags will become more specific as I put in more pedagogical and curriculum specific tags, but are generally broad right now as I try to throw videos onto the site. There are multiple ways to access the content, including browsing by tags and videos (as listed in the top menu). It would be nice to have thumbnails displayed for the videos, but our narrow time line prevents that at the moment. If you “Browse Videos” you’ll notice that each video pair is listed with the tags and description. If you click on a video resource link, you’ll be brought to that videos node in the system and from their you can expand in the right hand column a tag list for that node as well as related nodes based on the number of tags shared with the current node. The “Related Resource” list provides information about each video with a pop-up window when you mouse over the title.

I have had this link with me for a while now, just forgot to blog it. I was reminded of it as I was preparing for tomorrow’s presentation.

Check out the TAPS Videos