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Over the Memorial day long-weekend I just felt the need to create something to commemorate the 100,000 individuals, in the United States, who have lost their lives over the past few months to COVID19. That is a staggering number and one that is hard for us to grasp.

I have also been deeply troubled by the lack of discussion about the scale and the human dimension of the tragedy that we are living through. The New York Times front page (below) from Sunday (May 24) was an exception.

This video is the result.

It attempts to capture both the scale and the human dimension of the tragedy, the fact that this number is actually made of a hundred-thousand individuals – whose lives have been cut short by this virus. An incalculable loss.

The little details

Created by Punya Mishra (https://punyamishra.com | @punyamishra)

Created using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop & Apple Keynote.

Image credit: Flag vector image from OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay.
License: https://pixabay.com/service/terms/#license

Music credit: Mourning Song by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/4086-mourning-song
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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