Review of TPACK Handbook 2nd Edition

by | Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Douglas Harvey and Ronald Carol, both at Stockton University in New Jersey have reviewed the 2nd Edition of the TPACK Handbook for the journal TechTrends. You can find the review here.  Complete reference and a link to the first chapter of the handbook can be found here. In an overall positive review, they write:

The greatest value of the book is to those seeking to develop their own research utilizing the model, with each contributed chapter providing source material on all aspects of TPACK as applied to educational research… The breadth of the content is the most valuable aspect of the handbook, covering a wide variety of research designs and contexts.

They go on to write:

The style of this handbook is that of a compendium of separate writings with each chapter standing alone. Thus scholars can choose chapters that apply best to their work and seek understanding of the TPACK model as it pertains to their re- search questions. Taken as a whole, it attempts to cover the full range of TPACK as a model for developing educational re- search and practice into technology integration. In this it succeeds and that is the positive contribution of this book to furthering research on the efficacy of the TPACK model as a framework for analyzing educational technology applications.

They are less sure of the value of the handbook for practitioners, writing that:

The value for educational practitioners is perhaps less obvious, though not entirely missing…While valuable to researchers, graduate students and practitioners, we would not recommend the book for use in pre- service teacher education classes as the majority of the book is dedicated to the theoretical review and research on TPACK.

This criticism is fair, and not surprising, since the handbook was written more for the research community than the practitioner community. We are glad that they end their review as follows:

Anyone with an advanced academic interest in TPACK should find something in the handbook that will enhance understanding of the model.

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