Good Evil Ambigram

Brad Honeycutt, a fellow Spartan (he graduated 1996 a couple of years before I started here at Michigan State) is fascinated by optical illusions. He has completed a couple of books on optical illusions the first of which will be coming out in July. Scott Kim, one of my favorite ambigrammists, contributed a foreward and it includes work by Scott and John Langdon (he of Angels and Demons fame).

Brad also runs an optical illusion blog at and recently featured one of my ambigrams.


This design is one of my favorites… do check it out on Brad’s website, he includes the ambigram and a short note from me regarding how it came to be.


  1. Hi,

    I’m creating a lesson for students, and I wanted to use this ambigram you created on one slide as an intro to the concept of having different view points and seeing things differently. The lesson would be available on a site called TeachersPayTeachers for other teachers to purchase and use in their own classrooms. I’m wondering if I could have permission to use this (with credit to you)? Thanks!


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