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The  Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA), New Delhi, recently published a book titled “Resource Book on ICT Integrated Teacher Education.” Edited by Dr. Manas Ranjan Panigrahi it is available as an Open Educational Resource (OER) from the CEMCA website.

The book has 5 chapters, including on by co-authored by a team here at MSU. Complete reference (with link to the book) and table of contents below.

Panigrahi, M.R. (2016). (Ed.) Resource Book on ICT Integrated Teacher Education. New Delhi: Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia. Available online here.

Table of Contents

Chapter TitleAuthor(s)Page
1 Trends and Challenges in ICT Integrated Teacher Education in Common wealth AsiaManoj Kumar Dash 09
2The Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Framework for Teachers and Teacher EducatorsMatthew J. Koehler, Punya Mishra, Mete Akcaoglu & Joshua M. Rosenberg20
3Using UNESCO’s ICT Competency Framework for Teachers in GuyanaAndrew Moore, Neil Butcher & Sarah Hoosen31
4Technology, Education and Design: The Sciences of the ArtificialSom Naidu 46
Teleconference Based model of Capacity Building for ICT IntegrationSaroj Pandey61

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