TPACK Handbook, new review

Just found out about a review of the Handbook of TPACK by Dorian Stoilescu and Douglas McDougall for the Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology (2009). You can read the full review here. Overall a positive review, with some pertinent criticism, particularly regarding the lack of references to current research in TPACK. Here’s a quote from the last paragraph.

Overall, it remains a solid approach, written by prominent professors in different fields of education, offering a consistent perspective about integrating technology in various contexts of teaching. This book gives us the feeling that, by using TPCK, the use of computers in education might finish its prolonged period of childhood that made practitioners and researchers uneasy in educational technology, and start shaping more significant roles.

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  1. I do feel about the TPACK model as they write about it… my uneasy about computers in education has been starting to fade since we’ve been using the TPACK framework in our Educational Technology courses, seminars and workshops over here in Luxembourg.

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