Recently I had been invited to the Birmingham School District to speak to the administrators, teachers and broader community about their recent initiatives on 21st Century Learning. I had a wonderful visit – which I was reminded of by this article (On the Front Lines of the Future) in the  Highlander, the Seaholm High School’s Student Voice. This is an extremely well written and honest article about the vision, implementation and challenges faced by schools seek to change how they do business. It incorporates thoughts from teachers and students both pro- and con and is really worth a read.

My visit and presentation is mentioned somewhere along the way (towards the middle of the article). Most of what I shared with the audience built on the work done by Kristen Kereluik and myself on reviewing 21st Century Learning skills and providing a synthesis of the same. This work had been originally presented at last year’s SITE conference (in a paper titled What 21st Century Learning? A review and a synthesis) and can be found here.

Thanks to David Reed-Nordwall, Director of 21st Century Teaching and Learning for Birmingham Public Schools, for inviting me for this event.