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Danah Henriksen and I recently edited a special issue of the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (Volume 23, Number 3, July 2015) devoted to Creativity, Technology and Teacher Education (see blog post here). This special issue has now been issued as an eBook by AACE. Here is the complete citation, along with links to the book page on LearnTechLib and the complete pdf, as well as an abstract:

Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P. (2016). Creativity, technology & teacher education. Waynesville, NC: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). [LearnTechLib link | Link to complete eBook PDF]

Abstract: This book focuses on research related to creativity, technology and teacher education, examining these topics through a range of approaches and ideas across multiple contexts. The volume itself began as a special issue of the Journal of Technology & Teacher Education. The chapters in this book speak to different aspects of theory, research, and practice – in attempts to go beyond the specifics or intricacies of tools, and towards a broader framework. This provides guiding ideas and takeaways that can inform the future of teacher education. One of the strengths of this volume is the rich manner in which these ideas are explored across different subject matters, classroom and learning contexts, technologies, teacher roles, pedagogical approaches, and theoretical frameworks.

Keywords and complete table of contents, below the jump:

Keywords: assessment, classrooms, Creative Arts Education, creativity, curriculum, Design Thinking, digital technologies, educational technology, in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, professional development, research, teacher education

Preface: Creativity, Technology & Teacher EducationDanah Henriksen and Punya Mishra3
Beyond Right or Wrong: Challenges of Including Creative Design Activities in the ClassroomKaren Brennan9
Assessment of Creativity in Arts and STEM Integrated Pedagogy by Pre-service Elementary TeachersDaniel A. Tillman, Song A. An, and Rachel L. Boren31
Epic Fails: Reconceptualizing Failure as a Catalyst for Developing Creative Persistence within Teaching and Learning ExperiencesShaunna Smith57
Towards a Theory of Distributed Instruction in Creative Arts Education Erica Rosenfeld Halverson, Rebecca Lowenhaupt, and TJ Kalaitzidis85
Fostering Creativity through Inquiry and Adventure in Informal Learning Environment DesignAaron Doering and Jeni Henrickson115
Creative and Computational Thinking in the Context of New Literacies: Working with Teachers to Scaffold Complex Technology-Mediated Approaches to Teaching and LearningMichael D. DeSchryver and Aman Yadav139
Teaching Creativity in a Master’s Level Educational Technology CourseSusan Stansberry, Penny Thompson, and Angel Kymes161
Novel, Effective, Whole: Toward a NEW Framework for Evaluations of Creative ProductsDanah Henriksen, Punya Mishra, and Rohit Mehta181

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