Happy New Year

For the past couple of years now, our family has been creating new year’s greetings using stop-motion video. This year was no exception. Here it is (on Vimeo)


A very wonderful holidays and a very happy new year to all of you,
from Shreya, Soham, Smita & Punya

You can see other videos made by us… just follow the links below:


  1. Nice video. I initially though that you were going to set up a domino chain reaction. By the way, was the “Happy 2011” on the table a real shadow effect?

  2. Loved it, Punya & co.!

    In fact, I’m going to steal … ummm, adapt … the idea for one of my classes next year.

    Happy New Year to you all.


  3. Amazing work Mishra family! I was truly surprised by the outcome! Art (and creativity) outwits me at times in compelling ways! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Punya,
    You are simply outstanding and I feel so great to have worked under your dynamic and innovative guidance.
    Wish you a very happy new year and hope to remain in touch.

  5. Punya

    Great creativity using shadows.

    Even silence can be a powerful language if used appropriately. Even shadows can throw light if used creatively.

    Wish you the same


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