SITE 2008 Keynote

by | Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The SITE Keynote presentation by Matt Koehler and myself is finally ready to release to the world. I know converting 350 sildes, and synching them to the narration was a huge task – and Matt has already spent countless hours on this. He ended up with a 60 GB file (yeah that’s Gigabytes!) which then Ken Dirkin and Matt squeezed and compressed into this 48MB download. Do not try this over a dialup connection.

A few randomly selected blog posts…

Total eclipse of the moon

Tonight was a full lunar eclipse - the last one we will have till December 2010. Lucky for us we had a pretty clear sky - a welcome change from the past few days. Shreya and Soham and I tracked it since it started till it was almost complete - and then they had to go...

véjà du for the first time ever!

I learned a new term today, véjà du. As we all know (didn't I write a posting about this earlier?) déjà vu (or paramnesia) from the French meaning “already seen” describes the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously. It...

TPACK Newsletter, Issue #10, May 2011

TPACK Newsletter, Issue #10: May 2011 Welcome to the tenth edition of the (approximately quarterly) TPACK Newsletter! TPACK work is continuing worldwide. This document contains recent updates to that work that we hope will be interesting and useful to you, our...

ChatGPT3 is bulls*** artist

ChatGPT3 is bulls*** artist

Back in 1986 the philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt wrote an essay titled "On bullshit" which he then expanded into a book, published in 2005. Essentially, the essay and the book are a rumination on the distinction between "bullshitters" and "liars." He argues that:...

When is a picture of a sandwich more than a sandwich?

The answer is that when that picture has been taken by someone you know and it ends up on the NYTimes Freakonomics blog! Long story short, a picture of a sandwich taken by Leigh Wolf has been used by the cool people over at Freakonomics to illustrate a story. Check it...

MSU college of Ed leads US News rankings!

The 2012 U.S. News rankings of graduate programs in education have been released and there is good news for our college and department. Overall, the College of Education at Michigan State is ranked 17th which is where we were last year. It appears that our reputation...

Microblogging in the classroom

I have written quite a bit about how a technology can become an educational technology (see this, this, this and this). This is a non-trivial task that all educators face, and requires situational creativity in re-purposing / re-designing the existing tool to meet...

Being a tourist in Taipei

I woke up this morning, feeling maybe for the first time in this entire trip, tired and a little homesick. I ascribe the first to the rather hectic schedule I have had the past 10 days so, continually on the move, presentation after presentation, meeting after...


  1. Aplicaciones VoIP

    Awesome keynote. Thanks a lot.

  2. Erik

    Thanks Matt. I loved the part on the red rubex cube!

  3. cheap public liability insurance

    I saw the presentation at my friends house. Wanted to say how inspiring it was. Really enjoyed it.

  4. Alin

    Liked the presentation very much.

  5. Windows-Help

    A little late but i love the presentation as well! it takes a lot of download but it was worth!

  6. puzzles

    I bookmarked your site. Thanks for all the reading material. I enjoy reading here!

  7. Mike Tracy

    Liked the presentation very much. This presentation was referenced by one of the speakers of ISMA 2010 held in Sharjah UAE

  8. Chase Watts

    Wow! I normally don?t do too much commenting on blogs, but I have to say that this was a excellent post! Keep the great posts coming and I will be sure to bookmark your blog 😉

  9. Mike P

    Awesome keynote. Thanks a lot.

  10. glen coleman


    Amazing presentation. Love it. Members of my faculty will watch it during our professional development sessions, and it will produce exciting collegial discussions.

    thank you for your good work.

    • Punya Mishra

      Thanks Glen. Appreciate the kind words.

  11. Onlinespiele

    Wow, thats one really amazing keynote, i still dont get why in German Universities such presentations are something really rare.

  12. Punya Mishra

    Thanks Sean. It was a lot of fun to create… though it does take time. I know Matt and I put in quite a bit of effort into this. Love your blog.

  13. Sean

    i am still amazed by this presentation.
    i suggested a format of this type to my principal at the beginning of school this year. we work really well together… and this format would almost perfectly fit our personalities.

    of course, we didn’t have the time to pull if off, so we didn’t try. i still aspire to the greatness seen here! seriously. very engaging for this genre. wow.

  14. Daniel

    I’m still baffled about how you guys manged to compress the 60gb. Thanks for posting the keynote – it was definitely the highlight of the conference. You and Matt are light years ahead.



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