SITE 2008 Keynote

The SITE Keynote presentation by Matt Koehler and myself is finally ready to release to the world. I know converting 350 sildes, and synching them to the narration was a huge task – and Matt has already spent countless hours on this. He ended up with a 60 GB file (yeah that’s Gigabytes!) which then Ken Dirkin and Matt squeezed and compressed into this 48MB download. Do not try this over a dialup connection.

Incidentally this is also hosted on the SITE conference webpage devoted to our keynote. Enjoy.


  1. I saw the presentation at my friends house. Wanted to say how inspiring it was. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Liked the presentation very much. This presentation was referenced by one of the speakers of ISMA 2010 held in Sharjah UAE

  3. Wow! I normally don?t do too much commenting on blogs, but I have to say that this was a excellent post! Keep the great posts coming and I will be sure to bookmark your blog ;)

  4. Punya,

    Amazing presentation. Love it. Members of my faculty will watch it during our professional development sessions, and it will produce exciting collegial discussions.

    thank you for your good work.

  5. i am still amazed by this presentation.
    i suggested a format of this type to my principal at the beginning of school this year. we work really well together… and this format would almost perfectly fit our personalities.

    of course, we didn’t have the time to pull if off, so we didn’t try. i still aspire to the greatness seen here! seriously. very engaging for this genre. wow.

  6. I’m still baffled about how you guys manged to compress the 60gb. Thanks for posting the keynote – it was definitely the highlight of the conference. You and Matt are light years ahead.

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