TPACK is huge in Australia (for instance see this note TPACK underpins Aussie Teacher Ed Restructuring). I am hopeful that one of these days this interest will translate into a trip down-under… It would be great to travel around the continent, giving talks, meeting some cool educators, and maybe even get to see some cricket! How cool would that be.

Now, due to this interest, my TPACK-related Google Alert often provides links to work being done down-under. Recently I was treated to two video mashups based on the SITE2008 Keynote that Matt Koehler and I presented at Las Vegas.

These videos were created by Mike Sisley, at The University of Canberra, as a part of a special focus on TPACK for English, literacy and History. Mike is a TPACK advocate and seeks to create resources for the teachers of the content areas and created these mashups for this purpose. The first has an autotuned version of my voice (!!!) and the second has an original song called the Shulman Shuffle.

For some reason the embed codes don’t seem to work, so you will have to navigate over to Vimeo to watch them. Check out

What fun!