EDUsummIT 2017: Summary Report released

EDUsummIT 2017 is the fifth International Summit on Information Technology (IT) in Education (EDUsummIT 2017) recently held in Borovets, Bulgaria, on September 18-20, 2017. EDUsummIT 2017 was co-hosted by the University of Library Studies & Information Technologies, Sofia, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development. EDUsummIT 2017 brought together over 100 policy-makers, educators and researchers around the theme of  “Rethinking learning in a digital age.” There were 9 thematic groups, and I co-lead the team (with Dale Niederhauser) that looked at Sustainability and scalability in research approaches (a prelim blog post on that work can be found here). Other members of the team included (in alphabetical order): Douglas Agyei, Margaret Cox, Sarah Howard, Djordje Kadijevich, Therese Laferriere, Lynne Schrum, Jo Tondeur & Joke Voogt.

The organizers of EDUsummIT 2017, Kwok-Wing Lai, Joke Voogt and Gerald Knezek pulled together the work done by all the groups (as well as some additional cross-group analysis) into a report. That final report is embedded below. Enjoy.

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