Our very own Leigh Wolf is quoted in a story in today’s State News. Check out, Education unlocked: MSU professors use open courseware to provide class materials for students

Leigh manages to bring in the MAET program in to the picture (why am I not surprised?) and how we have been using some of these technologies for recruitment and community building. Here is a quote (though you should go read the entire article, right?)

MAET is a graduate level program that openly recruits potential students by posting course modules and examples of student work on its Web site, Graves said.

“It really gives potential students an idea of what we’re about or current students something to point at to show what their education in our master’s program consists of and the types of work that they would be doing and ideas for inspiring other work that they may do,” Wolf said.

Allowing non-students to access course information has generated a lot of interest in the program, both from potential students and colleagues, she said.

Along with e-mails from curious students, the program has been contacted by educators who want to borrow some of the information on the site for their own classes, Wolf said.

“The way of the social world right now is give and take,” she said. “We’re content producers and content consumers.”