I had posted about this really cool video I recently found (see Life is about editing). Behold my surprise when one of the comments on the blog was from none other than Allee Willis (see her wikipedia page here, and personal website here).

It was just great to hear from her – its not everyday that I get email from such a renowned artist. And such a multi-talented person. There are few people who have been as successful at multiple things as she has… as a songwriter, artist, set designer, multimedia artist, writer and director!

In her email Allee Willis pointed me to the part of her website devoted to the Editing is Cool video. She said:

Wanted to make sure you checked out the Editing Is Cool video on my actual website as the page it’s on documents the entire creative process, both writing and recording the song and making the video, visible in 8 stages of production. There’s also a very detailed worklog documenting the design process and specific software and equipment used as well as what I was going through psychologically trying to figure out what I was making.

You can check it out here.