We got back home from SITE 2008 (Las Vegas) last night and there lots of things worth posting but this will have to be brief. The keynote presentation by Matt and myself went of quite well. It was a gamble, an attempt at a creative mashup of presentations styles “borrowed” from Steven Colbert, Larry Lessig and Dick Hardt, to convey our interest in TPACK and creativity. The final result was presentation consisting of 337 slides presented in under 45 minutes! I did most of the talking though we figured out a creative way of getting Matt’s voice in as well. We received lots of requests for a copy of the presentation, and we should let you know that we are working on it. As you can imagine this presentation is a huge file (over 300 MB) and we need to figure out a way to compress it, synch it to audio and post it on our website. That will take a day or two. Watch this space for updates.

In the meanwhile enjoy Troy Hicks’ live-blogging of our presentation here. Christy Keeler has posted some of her thoughts from both the presentation and the keynote conversation following the presentation here.

Matt has a posting with some pictures we took (more coming soon)…

We also had the first meeting of the TPACK Special Interest Group led by Judi Harris & Matt Koehler. The TPACK SIG has a cool button with a “got TPACK?” logo superimposed on the three intersecting circles of T, P & C.

Two of my students Andrea Francis and Mike DeSchryver had their presentations too. Andrea did a very good job of explaining her dissertation framework on trust and digital technologies. Mike could not make it to SITE, so it fell on me to deliver his talk. I think it went off well, except that I had to rush through it a bit, since we were worried about missing our flight. But as Matt said, I still ended up taking up the entire time allocated to me (despite predicting that I could do this in under 10 minutes!).

All in all, we had a great time, met some wonderful people. It looks like TPACK is increasingly becoming a part of the teacher education and technology landscape and that is fun to see.