Mindful and Creative: Building Educational Systems for Individual and Community Wellbeing

In a technology-immersed world awash in distraction, stress, and often, distress—all of which can affect creativity and wellbeing—mindfulness is increasingly becoming a valuable consideration for supporting learners in educational practice. After nearly two years of an ongoing pandemic that has taxed the emotional and mental well-being of schools, teachers, students, and society—the idea of mindfulness is increasing being seen as an important topic to consider. In this article, the authors look at the relationship between mindfulness and creativity grounded in existing research, then share some of their current work and thinking around possibilities and practices for education, concluding with implications related to technology.

Henriksen, D., & Gruber, N. (2022). Mindful and creative: Building educational systems for individual and community wellbeing. TechTrends. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11528-022-00703-2