The blame (& praise) game continues

I have shared earlier a design for a reflection ambigram for the two words “praise” and “blame” – where one word becomes another when reflected in a mirror. In fact the design has been printed in 3D. As it turns out this was a design that I had made many years ago – and was for the most part, I was satisfied with it. Yes the “s” was a bit iffy – but hey, it worked. Here is the old design:

Praise Blame


But in the process of cleaning it up to give to Jon Good to print – I was more and more bothered by it, so I went back to the drawing board and came up with a new design. Overall the solution is the same – or at least shares the same skeletal structure – but the overall result is much better, and far more readable this time around. Enjoy.



This is part of the reason I love creating ambigrams. Letterforms are subtle, nuanced and rich arenas of exploration, and they never cease to surprise me even today, after so many years of playing with them.

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