Banning Facebook in school: Interview on the Craig Fahle Show, WDET

by | Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Facebook-BannedI was a guest on WDET’s Craig Fahle Show yesterday. The topic was the the recently passed Missouri law that bans teachers from interacting with students on Facebook in order to protect students from sexual assault. I find this a singularly silly waste of time by the legislators of the State of Missouri and I tried to make this point, in different ways, during the interview. You can listen to the segment and let me know if I was successful or not.

Here is an embedded MP3 (just in case the link above dies).

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  1. Zeytinburnu nakliye

    Good, very post. Thanks.

  2. Evden Eve Nakliyat

    Thank you for giving your perspective on this topic and defending teachers who use social media with their students. I love that you made the points about us being the scapegoats and about separating the personal and the professional.

  3. Paul Wilson

    I totally agree with u. It’s a waste of time. At the first sight, looking at the title of the post. I thought the reason was that Facebook got more attention from students than the teacher did. But it’s about sexual assaul. Wait and see how it fails

  4. Beth Rogers

    Thank you for giving your perspective on this topic and defending teachers who use social media with their students. I love that you made the points about us being the scapegoats and about separating the personal and the professional. I had two teachers use Edmodo with their elementary classrooms last year with mixed results, but they both felt if they had introduced it to parents and students at the beginning of the year it would be an effective tool for communication. It works very much like Facebook, but is designed for a classroom environment. Social Media is here to stay and if used correctly can be a significant factor in education.


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