Oh, Shi(f)t! Only in India…

by | Sunday, February 06, 2011

I just came across this sign on a wall in Bhubaneswar. Check it out, nothing less than “Tension free shiting!” All you have to do is dial a number!

Here is the sign cropped close

Here is the complete sign.

It is part of an advertisement for a packing and moving company. The painter droped the “f” in the word “shift!” I love the fact that this service is available through dialing a single phone number, from anywhere in the country and you can use any mode that you like to dial it in!

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  1. Plastic Cups

    Lol… i’m going to tell it to my friends. Very funny… =D

  2. Eric

    Haha, I love the picture of that sign!

  3. Natalie

    It’s so funny. May i have this image posted in my blog? Thanks !!!

  4. Mary Brown

    haha haha

    you’re so funny guy! You shot unique picture!

  5. CJ Uppal


    I remember when I was in india seeing a place called gaylords.


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