Dewey meets Wong

David Wong is a colleague of mine at the College of Education and an avid John Dewey scholar. He also loves to fish. You can learn more about his work by going to his web site here. (I had earlier blogged about his work around visually representing ideas here and here).

A few years ago, as a birthday present for David, I created the following image. It combined his two loves (John Dewey and fishing) in one sweet image. Ah… the wonders of photoshop. I had quite forgotten about it till I came across it again recently and decided to include it here (for the record).

David Wong goes fishing with John Dewey


  1. Wow, just stumbled on this — but I have to tell you that the title poem of my MFA thesis in Creative Writing is “The Great Philosopher Goes Fishing.” I studied Dewey while working on an MA in Education and little Doctoral work, but switched to poetry. He’s still with me in many ways, and the poem was my tribute. Now I have a picture to go with it! Liz Wiley

  2. I checked Shreya’s Three of Me blog entry and thought it was very cool. Please pass along to her how neat it was, and I’ve even moved the idea along to another who’s looking for projects such as you did together.



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