The Indian Premier League, Twenty20 cricket championship was a great success. I had a chance to watch a few games (including the finals and semi-finals) when I was in india and it was a blast. This posting however is about an extremely creative commercial for the IPL tournament.

This will not make sense to most people outside of India, and those who have not grown up with a solid dose of 70’s-80’s Hindi cinema. The two decades were quite possibly the worst time for Indian commercial cinema—just horrible, terrible movies. That said, they are part of the culture I grew up in (movies in India are all around you) and it is difficult for me to deny this medium’s influence on an entire generation. This commercial, developed around a terrible pun (it is in Hindi, so be forewarned) hits each and every aspect of what made 70’s-80’s cinema so bad. It is pitch-perfect, and if you grew up with this, it is hilarious!