MSU Fight Song: MAET style

The summer of 2015, there were 133 students and instructors in the hybrid and overseas components of the MAET program. These people were spread out across three locations: East Lansing, MI (with 2 cohorts, Yr1 and 2 of MAET); Chicago, IL (with 2 cohorts of the MSUrbanSTEM program) and  Galway, Ireland (with 3 cohorts, Yr1, 2 & 3).

2015 also happens to be the 100th anniversary of the MSU Fight Song.

It should come as no surprise that something interesting was going to emerge from this confluence of events and people.

So here it is. The MSU Fight Song: MAET style. 133 creators, and one awesome video. (A special thanks to Christina Lovell for weaving her editing magic in stitching the images together in perfect synchrony with the music).


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