For the past 17 years (with just two exceptions) my summers have been spent teaching in the MAET program. 2016 was the last time I did that, teaching in Chicago the third cohort of the MSUrbanSTEM project. The MAET program runs somewhat concurrently in three locations—two cohorts in East Lansing MI; two in Chicago, IL and three in Galway, Ireland.  For the past two years we have tried to collectively create an artifact that speaks to our sense of community, and creativity. You can see previous examples here (MAET Words) and here (MSU Fight Song MAET style). This year we asked the everybody involved in the summer programs at these three sites to reflect on what the word “connection” means to them, except that they had to do it in either 5 or 7 syllable words or phrases. And viola… here you have it, the MAET random haiku generator! You will need to reload the page to see a new haiku! Enjoy.