Happy 2010! Stop motion movie

I have had a lot of fun this year playing with video. Most of these experiments were done with my kids (nothing like combining work with pleasure). One of the things we had done last year was a stop motion new year’s card. So we just HAD to create one this year as well. Enjoy!
[FYI: Links to last year’s creations can be found below]

Best Wishes for 2010!
from Shreya, Soham, Smita & Punya!

Here is a list of other explorations in video made in the past year or so with family. As you may notice some of these movies (particularly the series Explore, Create, Share) are ones that I use in my teaching – nothing like getting your kids to do your work for you :-)

Have a wonderful new year!


  1. What a wonderful video! I would nominate it for the best animated short film of 2010 :-) I know it is early but what a great start to the new year.

  2. Happy new year to you and your family. The card was delightful as was the one from 2009. Thanks for sharing. Neelam

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