I am sending the following email to David Jiles, Ph.D. whose plagiarism I have documented in this posting: David Jiles, Ph.D., Creativity Expert, Plagiarist.

The email is as follows:

Dear Dr. Jiles —

I have some questions and concerns about your book “Creativity and the Secret Language of the Mind” and other writings as seen on Creativity-Portal and other sites on the web. There is an uncanny similarity between your text and a book written by Robert and Michelle Root-Bernstein titled Sparks of Genius.

I have pointed to some of these similarities on my website

David Jiles, Ph.D., Creativity Expert, Plagiarist!

Of course I could be wrong… so am giving you a chance to respond. I will promptly issue a retraction (from what I have written) once you write to me and provide me an explanation as to how this happened.

~ punya

Dr. Punya Mishra
Web: https://punyamishra.com
Blog: http://punyamishra.com/blog/

I will post any responses I receive… I have my fingers crossed!