Tonight was a full lunar eclipse – the last one we will have till December 2010. Lucky for us we had a pretty clear sky – a welcome change from the past few days. Shreya and Soham and I tracked it since it started till it was almost complete – and then they had to go to bed. I took a couple of pictures – and this one came out pretty well. This was taken around 9:30 as the eclipse was starting.

What was really funny was that my daughter (8 year old, Shreya) expected that we would be seeing the eclipse on TV. She was surprised that this was something we could actually go outside and see. I guess it isn’t real unless it is on TV :-)

*Note: I have inverted the colors of the photograph in Photoshop, to make it merge with the page background.

Dara Sandow sent in a link to some awesome photographs of the eclipse. Check out THIS one in particular. What is great about this photograph is that it is a time-lapse photo that allows you to actually “see” the shape of the Earth, through its shadow as the moon moves through it.