TPACK Videos

Over the years I have been involved with making lots of presentations about the TPACK framework, sometimes with my colleague Matthew J. Koehler and sometimes solo. A few of them have ended up being recorded and placed on YouTube or Vimeo. Once in a while a get a request for a presentation so it made sense to place them on one spot for easy access. Here they are, in chronological order:

Teaching Creatively: Teachers as Designers of Technology, Content and Pedagogy.
A keynote presentation by Punya Mishra & Matthew Koehler at the SITE 2008 conference, Las Vegas.

Break out of the box: TPACK radio / video show
The ISTE radio/video show (created for ISTE 2010), with Matthew Koehler and Leigh Wolf, now edited to remove as many specific references to the conference as possible. You can find the original show here.

Keynote presented at the 21st Century Learning Conference, Hong Kong 2012.
Also available on YouTube at

Virtual keynote presented at the First Virtual Congress of Technology and Education
of the University of Buenos Aires

The conference was organized by Center of Innovation in Technology and Pedagogy (CITEP) at the University of Buenos Aires, “UBATIC+  I Encuentro Virtual sobre TIC y enseñanza en el nivel superior” [A subtitled version that was screened at the conference can be found on youtube:]

Interview with Tim Green (The Ed Tech Doctor:

Talk about the history of TPACK and the role of theory in research for the fall Doctoral Research Forum at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

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