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TPACK Newsletters Archive

This page archives the TPACK newsletters (in reverse chronological order) that went to all the members of the TPACK listserv (from January 2009 – March 2021). The listserv is maintained as a part of the TPACK Special Interest Group of the Society of Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE). The newsletter is edited by Judi Harris.

A number of people have worked on the newsletter over the years. They include: Judi Harris, Karen Richardson, Evan Gallagher, Amelia Wildman, Kim Rodriguez, Diana Theisinger, Mark Hofer, Matt Koehler, and Punya Mishra.  

Note: The newsletter is now on hiatus—primarily due to the explosive growth of research into TPACK which made the newsletter incredibly long, and difficult to navigate. For instance, the last version of the newsletter was 118 pages in length!

Judi Harris and Karen Richardson are now maintaining an active web-based database of these publications, with over 2000 references (and counting). (A special shout-out to Evan Gallagher for his helping launch this resource.) We see this as a more sustainable solution in the long run.

You can access the database by going to

Newsletter archive (Jan 2009 – March 2021)

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