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Two different representations of the word “Deep-Play” (in and of itself an example of deep-play).  The first design is a lake reflection where the word is written such that it is symmetric along a horizontal axis. Finally, a 180-degree rotational design. (Incidentally design #2 was created by Douglas Hofstadter on the occasion of my exhibition at the MSU Museum.)

I love to play with ideas, words and images. I am fascinated by ambiguity, recursion and self-reference. Here are samples of some of my creative work.

  • Mathematics and Visual Wordplay
    • Ambigrams, symmetries and representing mathematical ideas through wordplay. Images, videos, journal articles and more…
  • Illusory New Year’s Videos
    • Since 2009 our family has been creating videos to welcome the new year. These are not your typical family videos but rather play with words, typography, illusions and ideas.
  • Academic Poetry
    • Faculty and Graduate students in the EPET program at Michigan State University created this glorious book of poetry and photographs. Enjoy Momentary Lapis Lazuli of Reason: Academia for better or verse
  • Fun Work Videos
    • These are videos I created as a part of my job, but that doesn’t in any way mean that they were not fun to create, and hopefully to watch.
  • Pure Fun Videos
    • These are more straightforward fun … but nothing I do is unconnected to what I do for work.
  • Mathematical poetry
    • Just as the title says, where mathematics and poetry meet… and I even got one published in a Math-education journal 🙂
  • Palindromic Poetry
    • Poetry that reads this way and that!

Gallimaufry:* Lot more coming soon… Children’s Poetry | Cell phone photographs | Photo Mosaics | Alphabet on Crack | Sketches with graphics tablet | Art on my palm pilot | Images R Cool.. and more!

Gallimaufry (): hodgepodge, hotchpotch, jumble, confused medley