Scholarship of teaching

Reflection ambigram of the word “reflect”

Teaching for me is not just an engaging activity is it also a space for me to experiment and reflect. I have through my career tried to document this process in systematic ways aka I have tried to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Over the years these have led to  to multiple publications, including essays (Mishra, 2005), journal articles (Ferdig, Mishra & Zhao, 2004; Mishra & Girod, 2006/2007; Girod, Bell, & Mishra, 2007) and book chapters (Mishra, Hershey & Cavanaugh, 2007; Wong, Mishra, Koehler, Siebanthal, 2007). A good example of the manner in which my teaching has been the site for scholarship can be seen in the learning by design seminars I taught and through that the development of the TPACK framework.

Briefly, in these Learning by Design seminars, teachers learn technology not by learning specific computer programs, but rather by designing technological solutions to pedagogical problems. There is little direct instruction about technology and students spend most of the class time working in small groups engaged in design-based activity engaging with issues at the intersection of technology, pedagogy and content, These seminars evolved into a multi-year design experiment—a dense program of research that led to a series of publications (quantitative, qualitative, practice based and theoretical) that attempted to develop a better understanding of both the local aspects of technology integration but also to seek broader, global frameworks for the field. This design experiment (funded by two separate PT3 grants from the US Department of Education, totaling over 3 million dollars) has led to a series of journal publications (Koehler, Mishra, Hershey & Peruski, 2004; Peruski & Mishra, 2004; Koehler & Mishra, 2005a, 2005b; Mishra & Girod, 2006/2007; and Koehler, Mishra & Yahya, 2007 to list a few) and an edited book (Mishra, Koehler & Zhao, 2007).

After several iterations of the design experiment cycle, we wrote a key journal article that summarized our empirical work to date  (Mishra & Koehler, 2006) in Teachers College Record titled Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge. In the TCRecord article we proposed a conceptual framework for educational technology by building on Shulman’s formulation of ‘‘pedagogical content knowledge’’ and extending it to the phenomenon of teachers integrating technology into their pedagogy.