Mentoring & Advising

One of my most significant responsibilities is the mentorship of graduate students (both advisees and other graduate students in the College of Education). Six of my advisees have successfully defended their dissertations. Four of them are faculty members in research / teaching universities, one teaches at an online university, and one continues her work as an extension specialist.

My mentorship, however, goes beyond merely serving on committees and guiding dissertations. I attempt to provide authentic opportunities for research and scholarship to all the students I work with. Through my grants I have supported many students with assistantships, but more importantly I have attempted to nurture and extend their thinking towards research and writing. A measure of this is the fact that all my graduate students (even some in the first year) have published peer-reviewed journal articles, or presented at conferences (usually co-authored with me). I have served as mentor to four Spencer Research Training Grant Fellows, three Spencer Summer Grants recipients and to one undergraduate McNair-SROP scholar. My students have received competitive fellowships such as from the Spencer Foundation, Social Science Research Council and American Society for Engineering Education.

The Deep-Play Group

The Deep-Play Research Group at Michigan State University and now extended to Arizona State University is an inter-disciplinary team for graduate students and faculty members focused on developing a better understanding of the issues related to creativity, education and technology. Members have included: Punya Mishra, Danah Henriksen, William Cain, Jon Good, Rohit Mehta, Sarah Keenan, Carmen Richardson, Chris Fahnoe, Colin Terry, Kristen DeBruler, and Laura Terry.

Dissertation Director

  • Kristen Kereluik (Graduated December 2013, Currently Lead Researcher at Virtual Learning Research Institute at Michigan Virtual University). Dissertation title: Scaffolding self-regulated learning online: A study in high school mathematics courses.
  • Mike DeSchryver (Graduated December 2012, Currently Assistant Professor, College of Education, Central Michigan University). Dissertation title: Toward a theory of web-mediated knowledge synthesis: How advanced learners used the web to construct knowledge about climate change behavior.
  • Rob Malinowski (Graduated December 2012, Currently Director Center for Academic Technologies, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University): Dissertation title: Faculty Perceptions of Problem-based Learning in a Veterinary College.
  • Leigh Graves Wolf (Graduated December 2011, Currently director of the MSU-HUB for educational innovation: Dissertation title: Faculty versus student perceptions of the quality and relevance of a master’s degree in educational technology.
  • Danah Henriksen (Graduated December 2011, Currently Assistant Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College, Arizona State Univeristy). Dissertation title: We teach who we are: Creativity and trans-disciplinary thinking in the practices of accomplished teachers.
  • Anne Heintz (Graduated May 2011).       Dissertation title: Composing in public. Instructor MAET program, MSU.
  • Qaiser H. Malik (Graduated May 2010, Currently Director Engineering Education at National University of Science & Technology, Pakistan). Dissertation title: Participation in a freshman design sequence and its influence on student attitudes towards engineering.
  • Andrea Francis Ploucher (Graduated May 2010, Currently faculty member at Albion College, MI). Current dissertation title: Why do Some Teachers Trust Digital Technology and Others Don’t? Conceptualizing the Intersection of Trust, Technology, and Education.
  • Aroutis Foster (graduated 2009, currently assistant professor at Drexel University). Dissertation: Gaming their way: Learning in simulation strategy video games.
  • Elizabeth Chase Wells (Graduated 2009, currently Extension 4-H Educator in Ottowa, MI). Dissertation: Perceptions of Michigan State University County Extension Directors and Extension Educators about the use of Information Technology in Their Work.
  • Kathryn Dirkin (Graduated 2007, currently associate professor at Central Michigan University). Dissertation: Three professors teaching online: The realization of teaching perspectives.
  • Shufang Shi (Graduated 2005, currently associate professor at SUNY Cortland). Dissertation: Teacher moderating and student engagement in synchronous computer conferencing
  • Lisa Peruski (Graduated 2003, currently at University of Phoenix). Dissertation: Contradictions, disturbances, and transformations: An activity theory analysis of three faculty members’ experience with designing and teaching online courses.

Current Advisees
Current advisees in pre-dissertation phase: William Cain, Chris Fahnoe, Jon Good, Sarah Keenan, Rohit Mehta, Carmen Richardson, Colin Terry.

Students who have received awards and fellowship under my guidance:

Spencer Research Training Grant Fellows Shufang Shi, Kathryn Hershey/Dirkin, Aroutis Foster, Leigh Graves Wolf
Spencer Summer Fellowship Kathryn Hershey, Esther Minha, Michael DeSchryver
Summer Research Grant Michael Phillips, Aman Yadav, Eduardo Rodrigues, Khusro Kidwai, Chun Lai, Leigh Graves Wolf (2004)
Foreign Language Area Studies Fellow Jim Ratcliffe (2006)
Mellon Mays pre-dissertation fellowship, Robert Craig Fellowship in Psychological Studies in Education & Social Science Research Council Aroutis Foster (2007)
FIE 2009 New Faculty Fellow & Received Excellence in Teaching Citation 2009 – 10 Qaiser Malik (2009)
Dissertation Completion Fellowship Andrea Ploucher Francis (2009), Michael DeSchryver (2010)
Outstanding Faculty/Staff award, presented by the Resource Center for Person’s with disabilities Andrea Ploucher Francis, for her work in teaching TE150, Reflections on Learning  (2010)
Research practicum/research development (RP/D) Fellowship Kristen Kereluik (2010)
Fellowship to enhance global understanding (2011) Kristen Kereluik (2011); Jon Good (2015), Rohit Mehta (2016)
Nominated for Learning without Frontiers Awards for Hero Innovators and Innovations for Learning Leigh Wolf (2011)
Spencer dissertation fellowship for research related to education Michael Deschryver (2011)
Urban Education Retention Scholarship Laura Terry (2012)

Dissertation committees served:
Sapna Vyas, Lina Wu, Mark Girod, Jan Amsterberg, Lorin Shepard, Regina Smith, Warren Buckleitner, Shane Cavanaugh, Aman Yadav, Bo Yan, Chun Lai, Steven Vassalo, Christina Doktor, Cindy Kendall, Erik Drake, Natalia Ignatova Collins, Nick Sheltrown, Shenglan Zhang, Mustafa Fatih Demir, Benjamin Forsythe

Undergraduate students:

Faculty advisor to ASHA for Education (2005-2007)
Advisor to Carols Jaramillo, McNair/SROP scholar.
Luke Niewiadomski, independent research