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Welcome to (DCI 691) Education by Design
Mondays 4:50 – 7:35 PM | Suite 430 Farmer

DCI 691 is a course about design. Design as a way of thinking and as a process that values collaboration, context, and diverse perspectives. Design as an approach that generates creative solutions to complex (wicked) problems of practice, particularly in education. 

Design is both a noun and a verb, a product and a process. Design is central to the construction of any process or artifact—be it a website or a car; an ATM machine or educational policy. Design touches on many different disciplines—science, technology, engineering, education, psychology, sociology, organizational behavior, and art, to name a few. A multi-dimensional issue like design, particularly in education, requires a multifaceted approach. As a class, we will do many different things this semester. We will read, discuss, analyze widely from research and theory. We will examine design practice, and build new conceptions through exciting mini-projects. In particular, we will seek to ground our understandings and learnings into an open-source book that we will co-create.

Image source/design: @punyamishra

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For the record, the pages for the previous iteration of the course (fall 2017) can be found here.