Creative Provocations: Speculations on the future of creativity, technology & learning (New Book)

by | Monday, January 30, 2023

I am excited to announce the publication of a new book, edited by Danah Henriksen and yours truly. Titled Creative Provocations: Speculations on the future of creativity, technology & learning, it is part of the Springer series on Creativity Theory and Action in Education.

Back cover

This book explores the complex, yet critical, relationship between technology and creativity, specifically in educational cntexts. Creativity is importnat for success in today’s rapidly, radically contingent and hyperconnected world. This is even more relevant in the context of teaching and learning—where the psychological, sociological and cultural aspects of human learning confront the challenges of a rapidly changing, technologically saturated world.

Written by some of the foremost thinkers and researchers in the area of creativity and/or technology, the chapters in this volume examine the impact of recent and future technologies on creativity, teaching and learning. Individually and collectively, they help us develp an understanding of this nexus of creativity and technology for education. They offer new perspectives on this rapidly evolving future—exploring issues, paradoxes, tensions, and points of interest for creativity and technology. They position these issues in ways that consider implications for thinking, learning, teaching and education in general.

This book would not have been possible without the help from the Ronald A. Beghetto, Bharath Sriraman (series editors) and the entire team at Springer. Thanks to all the authors for their contributions, and of course a special thanks to the lead editor, friend and colleague, Danah Henriksen.

We dedicate the book as follows:

To current and past members of the Deep Play Research Group. Thank you for being part of this decade-long journey through creativity, technology and learning. Here’s to 10 more years and beyond.

Complete citation and table of contents (with links to the chapters on the publisher’s website) given below:


Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P. (Eds.). (2022). Creative Provocations: Speculations on the future of creativity, technology & learning. Springer.

Table of contents

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