Modification of the TPACK diagram to capture all the sessions
related to TPACK in three upcoming conferences.

Here is a link to Issue #36 of the TPACK newslettera special spring conference issue that contains citations and abstracts for all of the TPACK-focused and TPACK-based presentations that are scheduled for this year’s SITE conference in Washington, D.C. in March, AERA meeting in New York City in April, and ISTE conference in Chicago in June (a total of 46 TPACK-focused sessions in just 3 months!). As the introductory note in the pdf says, this newsletter includes:

… only those presentations that use TPCK/TPACK extensively as either a theoretical framework and/or a focus for investigation throughout the cited conference papers/presentations. The construct is used so extensively in educational technology research and professional learning that including all presentations that mention TPCK/TPACK, but do not focus upon it – even at just these three national/international conferences – would make this newsletter unreasonably long.

Thanks always to Judi and her team for pulling all this information together and sharing it with the world. Previous newsletter are archived here.