“un-creativity” design, invariant under rotation by 180-degrees

In this article, in our ongoing series on Rethinking technology & creativity in the 21st centurywe interview Dr. Chris Bilton, Reader at the Centre for Policy Studies at University of Warwick. He came to academia with extensive experience in the arts and arts management and has devoted his work to better understanding issues related to managing creativity and creative approaches to management. The discussion ranged widely, including topics such as trans-disciplinary thinking; nurturing creativity in students, groups, and organizations; and how routines and activities are essential the creative process. Read the complete article below:

Henriksen, D., Cain, W. & The Deep-Play Research Group (2017). Uncreativity: a Discussion on Working Creativity Before and After Ideation with Dr. Chris BiltonTech Trends (61)2.