I have been a huge fan of Bill Atkinson, creator of MacPaint, one of the key players in developing the GUI for the original Macintosh including coming up with things as the double-click, the menu bar, marquee selection and lots of interface ideas we take for granted today. His most impressive achievement, personally speaking, was Hypercard, which more than anything is responsible for my getting into the field of educational technology. So when I came across this quote below, about the design process, I felt the need to create a visual design to better represent it. Here is the quote, and the design below (you can click on it to get a larger version).

The process of [software] design really is one where you start with a vague notion of what you’re trying to make, and that vague notion slowly congeals and gets better defined. As you work with it more, it gets to the point where it is something, but as you try it you realize, “You know, I’ve kind of missed the mark here. This is sort of what I want to do, but what I really want is more like that! — Bill Atkinson