One of the big parts of my life over the past decade or more, has been the Ganesh Festival celebrations in Lansing with friends and family—Good food and good times. Of course this year I have to miss all the fun – being here in Phoenix. I have kept up with all the activities vicariously – by email and text messages, but it is not the same. So I decided to dust off an old ambigram I had created and polish it to share with my Lansing-area friends. This is a 180-degree, rotational chain ambigram for the word “Ganesh” that can be read left to right, from the top or the bottom! Enjoy.

[More about the mathematics underlying ambigrams can be found here. More about the Ganesh festival here. Hi-res version of image to print here]


Ganesh is also one of the most fun deities in the Hindu pantheon and one of the most creatively represented. A few years ago I had made a video about the multiple representations of Ganesh. Watch The many manifestations of Ganesha below: